Thursday, December 27, 2012

Renate Schulte - patch

Yesterday's assumption that the Renate Schulte was getting bow thruster repairs, appears to be incorrect. From comments to the previous post, it seems a loose anchor at sea perforated the hull and flooded the bow thruster compartment. Today, once a few trailers were moved inside Halterm, and the tide rose a bit, I was able to see a that a small section of hull plate just aft of the bulbous bow has been removed. This would certainly explain why the ship has been ballasted down in the way it has. The area is now above water, allowing work to proceed.
However with another storm and high winds on the way, there was no work going on today. Perhaps they are in a warm shop somewhere fabricating a new plate. It will therefore be several days before the ship could be ready for sea.


  1. Damage from a loose anchor mid Atlantic. Flooded the bow thruster compartment.

  2. I heard as well, when she arrived during the windy night, she parted her bow lines and drifted to Pier 33/34. Luckily the Algoma Dartmouth was overnighting at Pier 9A due to the wind.