Monday, July 20, 2015

Northern Delegation

Another in the odd assortment of ships on the G6 service arrived in Halifax this evening. This time it is Northern Delegation, a Liberian flagged ship owned by Norddeutsche Rederei Schulte of Hamburg.

As the ship rounded Seaview Point in Bedford Basin the sun broke through the haze and cloud. Escort tug Atlantic Oak stood by while the ship turned.

Built in 2008 by Shanghai Chengxi shipyard, the 3534 TEU (including 500 reefers) ship measures 36,007 grt and 42,002 dwt.

Viewed from the heights of Fairview, the ship got the full benefit of the few mintes of sun we were allotted today.

It was built with the name CSAV Ranquil, but was renamed Northern Delegation later in 2008. It became NYK Lyttelton in 2012, and reverted to Northern Delegation in 2013. Last year it became CCNI Valparaiso and earlier this month went back to Northern Delegation again. Such is the life of ships on short term or spot market charters.


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