Saturday, June 23, 2018

Bright Sun Woes

Everyone is enjoying bright summer sun, except those of us trying to take photos from the Halifax side of the harbour.

EM Kea arrived a little later than the crack of dawn, and after it tied up around 0900 the reason became apparent.

All Halterm's cranes were busy working on the earlier arrival, APL Houston, which picked up its pilot at 0430 hrs. At some pojt during the day, some of thecranes moved away from the 9200 TEU APL shiup to the 3108 TEU EM Kea.

Later morning with the sun nearly overhead, it was even more challenging.

 From the Herring Cove look-off, I wasn't the only ship watcher.

Elandra Oak was first of two arrivals, and proceeded in for Irving Oil Woodside. This is the ship's second call in Halifax. The first was November 14, 2016 when it docked at Valéro, Eastern Passage.
The 29,737 grt, 49,999 dwt tanker was built in 2016 by SPP Shipbuilding Co in Sacheon. It is indirectly owned by the Latvian Shipping Company.

Next along was K-Line's Euphrates Highway. It is a 59,447 grt, 18,668 dwt auto carrier built in 2012 by Imabari Zosen in Marugame. Sources indicate a car capacity of 6,215 CEU.

There was another K-Line ship in port too, but this one a container ship.

 Brevik Bridge has been a regular caller since it initiated THE Alliance's Transatlantic Loop 6 in April 2017. It is a 4526 TEU ship of 46,444 grt, 58,200 dwt . Registered in Hong Kong with Xiangcheng Shanghai Ship as registered owners, it is owned by Seaspan International and is on a 12 year charter to K-Line with two 3-year options. Now that K-Line has merged its container operations with MOL and NYK it will be interesting to see if the ship's livery changes or if it switched to another other route.

Whether as a result of the merger or not the once familiar NYK Terra has been sold.

NYK Terra built in 2008, 76,928 grt, 80,282 dwt, 6661 TEU (including 460 reefers) fetched US$25mn in a recent sale to Singapore owners. If the Hyundai Ulsan built ship is on charter to K-Line, the change of ownership may not be significant - it may stay within the new Ocean Network Express (ONE).


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