Sunday, June 3, 2018

British Sailor back in port

The tanker British Sailor is back at Irving Oil, having first called here December 19, 2017. The variety of tankers bringing oil from Amsterdam seems to be endless, and this ship is one of  very few repeats.
It looks like a typical MidRange2 type tanker of 30,948 grt, 45,999 dwt, built by Hyundai Mipo. However its capabilities were planned so that it can carry a variety of clean and 'dirty" fuels and even crude oil if needed. It is also maximized by owners BP Shipping for its own specific needs, not just general trading, and is one of several new tankers built as part of the company's fleet rejuvenation plan including those of its type called the Mariner class.

BP Shipping is one of the few oil majors with its own fleet these days, and in fact has about fifty tankers in its fleet with in excess of 130 on time charter. It also operates its own fleet, while many companies now farm that out.

BP can trace its history back to 1908 with the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (Anglo-Iranian Oil Company after 1935) a subsidiary of the Burmah Oil Company. It became British Petroleum in 1954. After acquiring control of Standard Oil of Ohio in 1978, the British government ceded control and provatized the company. It went on to acquire Amoco, ARCO and Burmah Castrol becoming BP plc in 2001. It is now among the top seven oil majors.

It is currently exploring for oil off Nova Scotia, among its many endeavours around the world.

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