Sunday, July 18, 2010

Canadian Coast Guard Lifeboats

The Canadian Coast Guard maintains dozens of rescue lifeboats in various locations around the country. The high endurance versions are called the Arun class, and are based on a British design.
CCGC Sambro is based in the port of the same name near Halifax, and has participated in numerous rescues since it was built in 1996 by Hike Metals Products of Wheatley, ON.

Other boats in the class come to Halifax for repairs and refits and are often based in Sambro during that time. So it was today that the Louisbourg, NS based CCGC Spindrift was tied up at the government wharf. It was built in 1992 at East Isle Shipyard in Georgetown, PE. Both boats are 52 footers, powered by two Caterpillar engines totalling 798 bhp.

The smaller class of medium endurance cutters, based on a US design, are typified by CCGC Cap Tourmente, spotted in Quebec City on July 2, having a refit at Groupe Ocean. She was built in 2005 by Victoria Shipyard in Victoria BC.

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