Thursday, July 29, 2010

CCGS Hudson makes the news

The research vessel CCGS Hudson has made the news recently thanks to some startling new discoveries on the ocean floor.

Hudson returned to port Wednesday and sailed again this morning on another research mission.

Despite the ship's age, she is loaded with the highest tech ROVs and other instrumentation that allows for ocean floor exploration, using high resolution images.

If you wonder, as I did, what "ROPOS" means on those containers, check out this site:

Hudson was built in 1963 in Saint John and has worked out of the Bedford Institute ever since. Her achievements are legion, and she shows no sign of quitting. Despite rumours of a replacement, no announcements have been made recently. When built, the ship had a white hull as befitting a hydrographic research vessel. Since 1997 she has been painted red as part of the Department of Fisheries & Oceans/ Canadian Coast Guard fleet.

This is what she looked like March 18, 1990:

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