Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Algoma Guardian - first call

No sooner had Vinland sailed from pier 25 [see below] than Algoma Guardian moved in.

The ship is calling in Halifax for the first time under that name.

Built in 1987 in Yugoslavia, the ship sailed as Goviken until last year when she and two sisters were purchased by Algoma Central Corp. She remains registered in the Bahamas, and is still fulfilling the balance of a long term charter to Fednav, but is mostly in the grain and ore trades.

Since her acquisition by Algoma her deck cranes have been removed, making it easier for her to handle bulk cargoes.

Built to transit the St.Lawrence Seaway, she will continue to trade internationally until the expiry of the charter. It is then expected that she will transfer to Canadian registry, replacing older tonnage.

The tugs Svitzer Bedford and Atlantic Oak were tasked with moving her from anchorage to pier 25.

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