Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Faeroy en route to Chile

The fish carrier Faeroy put in to Halifax today on its long delivery trip from Norway to Chile. One of a similar class of vessels used to support fish farming, the boat is equipped to pump fish from pens to live wells on the ship and transfer them or transport them to shore.

New owner Friosur is one of the major fishing companies in Chile. With a fabulously long coastline and uncountable inlets, Chile would seem to be a natural for the fish farming industry. Norway of course pioneered fish farming and developed this type of specialized craft, and many others, to do the work.

Built in 1998 the ship measures 499 gross tons. It is now registered in Valparaiso.
Based on its trim, it is in need of bunkers to complete the trip.
Two similar vessels, Ronja and Ronja Carrier work in eastern Canadian waters as live fish carriers.

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