Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday Roundup

Another busy day in Halifax. Among the highlights:

 The Dutch flag cargo ship Floragracht arrived and anchored in the lower harbour for inspeciton. Built in 2011 by Jiangsu Changbo Shipyard in Jingjiang, China, it measures 8,620 grt, 12,178 dwt and carries three 80 tonne cranes. Owner Spliethoff's operate six sister ships in the "F" class.

Atlantic Towing Ltd's Atlantic Condor set out out on her regular run to Deep Panuke. Built by Halifax Shipyard in 2010, the supplier makes the trip at least once a week.
HMCS Athabaskan, followed by HMCS Halifax were the first naval ships to sail this morning, followed by the NATO visiting ships.With HMCS Iroquois laid up with corrosion problems, Athabaskan is as close to a destroyer as the RCN has on this coast.

Turkish Kemalries gets under way for sea. Her canted funnels are reminiscent of the Canadian Tribals as built.

USNS Medgar Evers makes its way slowly from HMC Dockyard to Imperial Oil. A Sea King helo buzzes around the ship.

The tanker Cape Beale moved out to anchor to create space for Medgar Evers. Cape Beale was built in 2005 by Hyundai Mipo in Ulsan, 25,108 grt, 40,327 dwt. It operates for Columbia Ship Management Deutschland of Hamburg in the UPT pool.


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