Thursday, December 1, 2022

Another blow

 Another high wind event in Halifax harbour during the night of November 30 - December 1 had ships taking precautions again.  There was lots of warning in the weather forecasts, and so ships had time to move off their berths or to deploy extra mooring lines. By mid-morning today (December 1) things had returned to normal again and ships were returning to their docks.

Oceanex Sanderling arrived late last night and went directly to an anchorage in Bedford Basin. I cannot recall seeing the ship in the Basin before, although it has likely been there at some time in the 35 years it has been running between Halifax and Newfoundland.

The Oceanex Sanderling has cleared the MacKay bridge southbound heading for PSA South End Terminal. It is well loaded with containers returning from Newfoundland.

Also returning from Bedford Basin anchorage, the tanker Advantage Point headed back to Imperial Oil dock #3.

With the tug Atlantic Fir on a stern line, the tanker clears the MacKay bridge, southbound in the Narrows. The ship's blue hull paint was not visible in my previous photo November 29.

At PSA Fairview Cove, the container ship NYK Romulus took the precaution of keeping the tug Atlantic Oak at the terminal all night in case it was needed to hold the ship on the dock and relieve strain on the mooring lines. (As far as I can tell it was not needed.)

The Franbo Lohas is still at anchor in Bedford Basin, where it appears to have dragged its anchor and re-established a new anchorage position at some point during the night (according to the AIS track.) It is due to go out for a sea trial December 3. Based on its recent AIS track the Polar Circle also appears to have relocated over night - likely due to dragging anchor.



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