Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Camarina sails

   The tug Kamarina sailed for Portugal today without its intended tow - and thereby must hang a tale.

The Kamarina returning to anchor after bunkering February 10.

The tug departed Schiedam, (greater Rotterdam area) Netherlands on November 29 with the assignment to tow the bulk carrier Ale from the Verreault Shipyard in Méchins, QC to Setubal, Portugal for permanent repairs to grounding damage. It arrived in Méchins December 12 and made to depart on December 17, but there was an incident involving contact with other vessel(s). Ship and tug crossed the river to Baie Comeau to make up the tow in the shelter of the bay. There they awaited a weather window and sailed on December 27. Somewhere in the Gulf of St.Lawrence one of the towing bridles parted, but the voyage continued and they arrived in Halifax January 3. Once in Halifax it was clear to me that the rudder and bottom damage to the ship, although not visible, included loss or removal of the rudder and prop. Therefore the ship cannot move under its own power, nor can it steer. There was also some damage to the ship from the towing bridle failure, but that was not completely visible from shore. (See previous posts).

The tug remained with the ship at Pier 9C until January 13 when it went to anchor in Bedford Basin. Aside from a brief time back at the dock on January 18 when the ship was shifted to Pier 9B the tug remained at anchor until February 9-10 when it moved to Pier 27 for an over night stay, during which it took on fuel (and probably provisions). It went back to anchor until yesterday, February 14 when it moved alongside the Ale again. Then this morning it left for Lisbon, light tug.

I have no explanation for why the tow was not continued. Maybe insurance, maybe Port State Control, or maybe a host of legal entanglements. In any event a transatlantic tow of a ship with crew aboard, with no rudder or prop, in mid-winter, even with an 8,000 bhp tug is probably not well advised. So the Ale languishes at Pier 9B for the foreseeable future.


The Ale remains unrepaired at Pier 9B, awaiting spring and another tug.


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