Saturday, July 25, 2009

More trouble for Pearl Mist

After many delays, Pearl Mist conducted sea trials last week, but Pearl Seas cruises refused delivery of the ship citing failure to meet specifications. Irving Shipbuilding, who built the ship in Halifax, state that the ship meets specifications.

Shipowners who may not want to take delivery of a ship, because they have no work for it or no money to pay for it, have been known to claim that it does not meet expectations. However, ships are complicated. Deficiences are certainly not unheard of, and there can be legal issues regarding responsibilities, correction costs, and so on.
We understand that Pearl Seas cruises fully expects to have the ship in operation next year, and is taking bookings.

The ship is still in the hands of Irving Shipbuilding, and has returned from Shelburne to tie up at the Woodside dock until matters are resolved.

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