Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Frisium takes more poles to Droghada

The low air draft cargo ship Frisium, registered in Sneek, Netherlands sailed this evening after loading a cargo of wooden utility poles for Drogheda, Ireland. That city is located upstream on the River Boyne, and the ship's low air draft may be a factor in its ability to navigate the river.
Google Earth's satellite photo of Drogheda shows the Steamship Quay immediately upstream of a bridge, with a very similar ship to Frisium alongside.

This not the ship's first visit to Halifax, She took a similar load on February 22.
The top photo shows the mate walking aft with a crewman (in orange) still stowing lines on the forepeak.
The bottom photo shows the actual loading process for the 80 foot long poles, using Logistec's large Liebherr crane at pier 30.

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