Friday, April 21, 2023

St-Laurent 1 service

 The St-Laurent 1 service is jointly operated by CMA CGM and Maersk and uses four ships to maintain a 28 day North Atlantic rotation. Sailing from Bremerhaven (Day 0) the service calls in Rotterdam (Day 1), Antwerp (Day 2), Montreal (Day 12), Halifax (Day 18), Bremerhaven (Day 27) . A recent addition to the service, which called here first on March 15, called again today April 21. (It certainly seems to be out of sequence if it is to call every four weeks.)

CMA CGM Louga was built by Jinhai Heavy Industry Co in Daishan, China in 2018. It is a 29,316 gt, 34,694 dwt ship with a capacity variously quoted as 2462 TEU or 2487 TEU including 747 reefer plugs. It is a Baltic 1A ice class vessel.

The CMA CGM Louga is the smallest of the four ships on the run. On departure today it gave an ETA of May 2 for Bremerhaven.

The other CMA CGM ship is the EM Kea, rated at 3091 TEU including 500 reefers. As of today it is en route from Antwerp (April 16) for Montreal with an ETA of April 24.

Maersk contributes two ships, each with a capacity of 3600 TEU, including 600 reefers. The Vayenga Maersk sailed from Montreal April 19, by passing Halfax, with an ETA Rotterdam April 30. Vistula Maersk sailed from Antwerp (today) April 21 and is showing an ETA Montreal of May 1. 

CMA CGM's published schedule shows the Volga Maersk (also 3600 TEU) replacing Vayenga Maersk. It is currently shown at anchor since April 11 at Lindoe, Denmark, with no ETD. As with the other "V" class ships it has been displaced from Russian services due to the international boycott.

 Vayenga Maersk arriving Halifax June 6, 2022.

The eastbound Halifax call is sometimes dropped, presumably to make up time or for want of cargo, with ships sailing directly from Montreal to Bremerhaven. 


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