Thursday, April 27, 2023

Two for One - UPDATED

 PSA Halifax Atlantic Gateway was a busy spot today, April 27. No sooner had they completed work on one ship, but two arrived to take its place.

The 14,026 TEU ONE Stork arrived yesterday [see previous post] and occupied pier 41-42 until about 1700 hrs today. It sailed in a rain shower, so I did not get a photo of it on departure. However it was well loaded from what I could see earlier.


The next ship for the berth, MSC Roshney V, does not show on any of MSC's regular schedules and seems to be an extra sailing or sweeper. It is arriving from Boston, but before that called at three German ports, Wilhelmshaven April 12, Hamburg April 12-13, Bremerhaven April 13-14, arriving in Boston April 24 and sailing April 25. [See Update at the end of this post.]


MSC Roshney V arriving today, lightly loaded.

The ship is not unknown in Halifax as it was once a regular caller under its previous name. NYK Deneb


NYK Deneb arriving Halifax June 23, 2022.

Built by Hyundai, Ulsan in 2007 the 55,487 gt, 65,953 dwt ship has a capacity of 4922 TEU. One of a dozen ships in the Daedalus class it operated in THE Alliance services along with several sisters (see yesterday's post). It was acquired and renamed by MSC as of February 2023.

Following close behind, in another rain shower, was the ZIM China. It took its time, waiting for the MSC Roshey V to secure.


A recent addition to ZIM's ZCA service, it made it first call in Halifax December 27, 2022. Built in 2008 by Samsung Shipbuilding + Heavy Industry in Geoje, South Korea, it is a 40,487 gt, 51,733 dwt ship with a capacity of 4275 TEU. It carried the name Hanjin Kenya from 2008 to 2017 then after a brief spell as Seaspan Kenya it became ALS Fauna later in 2017. It became ZIM China as of April 1, 2022.

With both berths, Pier 41 and Pier 42, occupied the Oceanex Sanderling completed loading at Autoport and will spend the night at anchor and move in the PSA Halifax in the morning.


Thanks to a reader for providing the following info on the MSC Roshney V. The ship is on the Boston Express service which MSC inaugurated in April 2022. Initially the service ran from Antwerp and LeHavre direct to Boston, then to Montreal. It appears that the European ports have been revised to Bremerhaven and Antwerp.

 The ship was due in Montreal April 24, with a sailing date of April 30, but it could not ballast down enough to reduce its air draft to clear the Laviolette bridge at Trois-Rivières. Spring water levels on the St.Lawrence are high and are expected to keep rising for the rest of the week and so the ship was diverted to Halifax.

On completion of working cargo in Halifax early in the morning of April 28, the ship sailed for Antwerp and Bremerhaven.


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