Monday, June 5, 2023

Algoberta calls home

 Algoma Tankers announced in December last year that they had acquired three tankers to replace older ships in their fleet. As reported here the first of the ships was the Chantaco which had been trading to the Great Lakes. It arrived in Halifax December 30, 2022 and was renamed Algotitan and registered in Canada January 11, 2023. Since then it has called here with product for Imperial Oil, loaded in Sarnia and Nanticoke.

Its sister ship the Chiberta remained overseas until the St.Lawrence Seaway opened for the 2023 season and was reported upbound in the Seaway March 29 for Sarnia. Renamed Algoberta it was registered Canadian April 5, 2023 and has since been trading between Nanticoke and Tracy, QC. On its most recent trip, after loading in Nanticoke it sailed May 30 and made its way directly to Halifax, arriving late night June 5. Instead of docking at Imperial Oil it tied up at Pier 25, allowing another tanker, the Mia Desgagnés to go to Imperial first. It had product from Sarnia.

 Due to blustery conditions today, June 6, of driving rain and high winds, I commemorated the ship's arrival in its port of registry from the confines of my car. It is due to move to Imperial late tonight.

Built in 2007 by RMK Marine of Tuzla, Turkey, it is a 11,799 gt, 18,734 dwt ship. The Algoberta was expected to replace the Algosea, which was built in 1998. The latter is likely to be retired before a major survey which is due in November.

The third Algoma acquisition, the Birgit Knutsen is still trading between France and the Netherlands. Built in 2010 by Jiangnan in Shanghai, it is a 11,889 gt, 16,536 dwt vessel and is a sister of Algoma's Algoterra. No date has been given for its arrival in Canada.


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