Monday, June 12, 2023

HMCS Harry DeWolf puts to sea

 HMCS Harry DeWolf AOPV 430 put out to sea today June 12. As lead ship in the Arctic Offshore Patrol Vessel program, it has had its share of issues. Delivered by Irving Shipbuilding Inc's Halifax Shipyard in July 2020, it was commissioned June 26, 2021 and in its first season it participated in the RCN's northern exercise Operation Nanook starting in August 2021. It returned to Halifax having made a Northwest Passage, a stopover in Esquimalt and after transiting the Panama Canal, participation in Operation Caribbe.

Initial issues with the ship's fire suppression system and non-spec potable water valves took the ship out of service, but they seem to have been resolved. The failure of two of the ship's generators in the summer of 2022 sidelined the ship and this is its first move under its own power since then.

HMCS Harry DeWolf passes the BIO outbound from Bedford Basin.

 After a brief calibraiton trial in Bedford Basin the ship made for sea. Some Kingston class ships have been exercising off Halifax, and the Harry DeWolf appears on AIS in the same area. The AIS tag says "patrol", so perhaps the ship has returned to full service. 


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