Monday, October 9, 2023

CSL Flexvik (ex Ale) Update number 2

 Rudder and prop repair work appears from all outward signs to be completed on the cargo ship CSL Flexvik, the former Ale and Raba (of Polsteam). Progress was last reported here on September 27. Since then the cofferdam removed, the rudder has been re-hung and the controllable pitch propellor blades installed.

The work was all accomplished with the ship still in the water. The cofferdam was built on shore and craned into position and secured to the ship, it was removed by the same process, but in reverse.

Back on the dock (and resting horizontally) after it was no longer needed, the cofferdam is likely headed for scrap. It was installed vertically under the stern of the ship during the work.


With the cofferdam removed the rudder was installed using cranes from shore, a crane on a barge, and a complex arrangement of chain falls and rigging secured from the ship's hull, with divers in the water.

The propellor blades were installed using most of the same gear, and also with divers. The blades appeared to be new, but I suppose they could have been reconditioned as was the rudder. They arrived on the dock on shipping pallets so could have come from anywhere. Their leading edges were protected during shipment.

With all the lifting gear removed, and the barges cleared away, the ship looks as good as new.

The obvious question is - What next? Will CSL Europe be making an incursion into the Great Lakes trade? This ship was built for the international trade to the Lakes, but it could be assigned anywhere in the world, (The significance of the term "flexvik" continues to elude me, but it could be a clue.) We will wait and see.

So far the ship has not made any sea trials and remains alongside at Pier 9C south.


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