Friday, October 27, 2023

ZIM's ZCA changes

 ZIM's Mediterranean to North America East coast service called Zim Container Service Atlantic and abbreviated as ZCA has made a significant change to the ships in the rotation. The longstanding service has been using eight ships in recent times, but some of the familiar names have been replaced by other ships.

So far the "new to Halifax" ships have been Navios Indigo which has made two trips, the most recent arrival on October 19 and Melina arriving today (October 27) made its first call September 2 taking the place of the ZIM Yokohama in the rotation.

 Melina under the cranes at PSA Fairview Cove today.

Some 2007 era ships that have presumably completed charters and have been renamed and reassigned by their owners. The regular callers ZIM Yokohama, ZIM Vancouver , ZIM Shekou and ZIM Qindao have all gone off to other work, with the ZIM prefix removed and carrying the new names Yokohama Star, Vancouver Star, Shekou Star and Qingdao Star.

 Typical of the ships is the former ZIM Yokohama built in 2007 by the Dalian Shipbuilding Industry number 2 yard in Dalian. The standard design ship of 39,906 gt, 50,532 dwt has a capacity of 4250 TEU. It operated under the name Yokohama from 2009 to 2012, then reverted to ZIM Yokohama. Its first call in Halifax for the ZCA service was under that name on September 26, 2018. As of September 1, 2023 its name was recorded as Yokohama Star.

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