Tuesday, April 16, 2024

MSC Alyssa - back again

 The MSC Alyssa arrived back in Halifax today, April 16, from Montreal on its way back to Europe on Mediterranean Shipping Company's CANEX 2 service. It was here April 7, 2024 from Europe on the westbound leg.

On that previous visit the ship's deck was loaded to various heights and had very few boxes stowed aft. It also appeared to have fairly light draft, so may only have offloaded some empties or express cargo here. This time it was uniformly loaded, three boxes high, for its entire length.

(Above) Previous visit, April 7, 2024.

(above) Today, April 16.

Normally ships on CANEX2 and other St.Lawrence River services stop in Halifax inbound to reduce draft. Outbound ships, once here in salt water, and beyond any other draft restriction on the St.Lawrence, can load to greater draft for ocean crossing. 

This time the MSC Alyssa maxed out its load in Montreal, but still has lots of capacity for salt water and deep water, and so will take on additional tiers of containers here before heading for Sines, Portugal.

Built in 2001 by Hyundai, Busan, MSC Alyssa is registered at 43,575 gt, 61,487 dwt with a capacity of 4340 TEU, including 150 reefers. 


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