Sunday, April 14, 2024

Torm of another colour

 I like to see tankers from the Danish company Torm A/S because of their unique livery - a colour scheme of black hull, burnt orange superstructure with the company name and flag emblazoned on the hull. I was surprised however when I saw the Torm India with a white superstructure. The ship arrived on April 12 at Irving Oil's Woodside terminal from Amsterdam, but I did not actually lay eyes on it until it sailed for Saint John, NB today, April 14. Due to the persistent fog and rain over the last few days it wasn't visible from the Halifax side of the harbour until this morning.

The tugs Atlantic Oak and Atlantic Bear ease the ship away from the pier.

The explanation for the non-typical colours may be because the ship was not built for Torm, and has not needed repainting since it was acquired.

Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co Ltd built the ship in 2010 as a typical 29,141 gt, 46,838 dwt MidRange chemical and product tnaker. It was originally named Atlantic Queen for a Hong Kong company and operated under a variety of managers until Torm purchased the ship in 2020. Although they applied the company funnel marks and hull banners, they did not see the need to repaint the entire superstructure.

The ship is not due for another drydocking until 2025, so perhaps if they still own the ship at that time they may repaint the superstructure. 

When painted in the company colours, Torm ships stand out from the rest. There have been many Torm ships in Halifax over the years, including the occasion in June 2016 when Torm Mary and Torm Madison were both in port at the same time. In those days some ships had the hull banner, but not those two.


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