Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Fishing vessels, aside from small inshore boats, are rare sights in Halifax these days. Last evening the Northern Pride put in, arriving in the teeth of a gale and tied up at Bishop's landing (on advice from someone, but not likely the best dock). It sailed again early this afternoon.

Built in 1985 by Burry's in Glovertown, NL it originally measured 52 grt, but was rebuilt in 1996. Now measuring 88 grt, it appears to be fitted for scalloping, with a large gantry aft and rake on deck. Online records indicate that after a series of Newfoundland owners, it now belongs to Yarmouth Sea Products Ltd.

As with many boats of its size it is fitted with paravanes, that are lowered to the water with the two booms rigged on the mainmast. I am sure they were in use last night as they were this afternoon even though sea conditions had improved somewhat from yesterday's storm.

Offshore fishing activity is still in full swing in Sambro, NS beyond the entrance to Halifax harbour. This afternoon the attractive Kiviuq I was unloading its catch. One of four similar vessels built by Pictou Industries Ltd in 1987-88, it was originally named Atlantic Prospect and fished longline for Clearwater Atlantic Seafoods Inc from the Pierce Fisheries plant in Lockeport, NS. In 2014 it was sold and renamed Tulugarnaq then extensively rebuilt as a fixed gear wet fish boat for halibut, cod and hake.

Again renamed, as Kiviuq I it works for Arctic Fisheries Alliance, a 100% Inuit owned company based in Iqaluit, Nunavut. The same company owns Suvak, the former Genny and Doug  which has been similarly refitted.

Both boats also conduct exploratory and science fisheries from time to time.Genny and Doug used to be seen in Halifax as per the link in the name above and:


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