Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Viking Queen

The Gram Car Carriers, Singapore flag Viking Queen arrived at Autoport mid-morning yesterday. That gave shore side crews time to clear about 10cm of snow that had piled up Sunday. Fortunately temperatures were relatively mild and the ground was not frozen, so the sun melted most of it away quite rapidly.

The Viking Queen  was built in 2007 by the Uljanik yard in Pula, Croatia as Hoegh Delhi. The ship called in Halifax under that name, but somehow managed to escape my camera. In early 2017 it was acquired by Gram, based in Oslo, and is time chartered back to Hoegh Autoliners and managed by Hoegh Wallem. A substantial vessel it has a capacity of 7,000 cars with a grt of 55,775 and dwt of 16,890.  (Interestingly Hoegh only rated its capacity at 6500 CEU).

Arriving from Emden, Germany, its next stops are to be Davisville, RI, then on to Houston, TX and Veracruz, MX.

A close look at the tree on the left will reveal some buds - a good sign!


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