Friday, April 6, 2018

Visitor from Mars

Well from Cuba actually, Augusta Mars arrived today on Nirint Shipping's regular route with nickel sulfides.

The fourth of six ships of the "Atlantic P" class from Jingjiang Shipyard, it was built as Atlantic Power in 2000. (The 5th and 6th ships were built in 2003 by which time the shipyard had become New Century Shipbuilding Co). With this ship's arrival, we have now seen all six ships in Halifax under various names and guises. All were built for charter work and have served such groups as Seaboard, BBC, HAL, Onego and Fednav.

This ship entered service as Atlantic Power. became Seaboard Power in 2001, Federal Power in 2007, Atlantic Power again in 2013, then Onego Power in 2015, Atlantic Power again in 2016 and finally Augusta Mars in February of this year. Sister ship Atlantic Pioneer is now the Augusta Unityand is also running for Nirint Lines. That they have not been given Nirint prefixes may not be indicative of much since no Nirint ships currently have Nirint prefixes, whereas at one time all ships did.
The sixth ship in the series built as Atlantic Progress, also with Nirint as Augusta Sun, was in Halifax in December but may have gone on to other operators since it was last rported in China and no longer shows on Nirint schedules..

The "Atlantic P" ships all measure 12,993 grt and 17,451 dwt and carry two 45 tonne cranes. They have a maximum container capacity of 1118 TEU, but are multi-purpose ships and carry a combination of general  / break bulk cargo and containers and have 13 portable pontoon type tweendecks.

The nickel material they unload in Halifax is bagged material and handled by shoreside crane.


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