Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Tug (and barge)

The new Canadian flag tug VICTORIOUS arrived this morning with its barge JOHN J. CARRICK. Built in China especially for the Canadian asphalt trade, they tied up at the former Dook's dock in Eastern Passage, next to Autoport.

McAsphalt Marine Transportation Ltd of Scarborough, ON, owners of the pair, is a joint venture between McAsphalt and ULS Group. McAsphalt (and its subsidiary Miller) are major players in the asphalt and paving business and now own the Dook's dock and a small tank farm especilly for asphalt storage.

ULS (Upper Lakes Shipping) provides the marine operation side of the company. They own a large fleet of Great Lakes ships.

The barge is similar to a previous barge, NORMAN McLEOD, built in China in 2001, except that it is fitted with a ship-like bow and thus can better handle heavy weather. JOHN J. CARRICK is named for a co-founder of McAsphalt and can carry 11,600 tonnes. It has heating coils to kept the material semi-liquid.

The tug VICTORIOUS can tow the barge if needed, but under almost all conditions will push by means of special connectors which fit to a notch in the barge's stern.

The pair will trade on the east coast, including Newfoundland as well as the Great Lakes in season.

(The autocarrier ELEKTRA is unloading at Autoport in the background.)

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