Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zélada Desgagnés in for repairs

This afternoon the general cargo ship Zélada Desgagnés arrived at pier 27. She is one of three sister ships operated by Transport Desgagnés of Quebec as part of their now large fleet of cargo ships, tankers and tugs.

The three ships were built in China, in a venture with the German shipowners Beluga. The ships are standard Beluga class vessels with heavy lift capability, but are owned by Desgagnés, primarily for northern supply work in the summer. When not so employed they will be pooled into the Beluga fleet for world-wide trading.

Rosaire A. Desgagnés was built in 2007 as Beluga Fortification.

Zélada Desgagnés in 2009 as Beluga Freedom and Sedna Desgagnés in 2009 as Beluga Festivity.

Both Rosaire A. and Zélada are in use this summer in northern supply. Sedna is apparently not needed this year, due to the reduction in mining activity in the north, and has therefore been placed in the Beluga pool and will trade internationally.

The ships are fitted with cranes which, when working together, can lift 360 tons. The ships are classed for work in ice. Zélada and Sedna were christened together in a ceremony at Quebec City June 29. The paint on her lower hull does not look new, and this is because the ship was in actual service for several months, working her way from China, and has made at least one trip to the north.
It was not a good start to Zélada's first northern supply season. She ran aground in Puvirnituq on August 31 and received significant bottom damage. She proceeded to Inukjuaq for shelter and survey, and repair crews were flown in to make temporary repairs.
After unloading some remaining cargo at pier 27 tonight, she will go to drydock at Halifax Shipyard tomorrow.

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