Thursday, March 9, 2023

Comings and Goings

There were a good many arrivals and departures in the Port of Halifax today (March 9), particularly in the lower harbour and southend.

MOL Charisma (see yesterday's post) sailed from the PSA Halifax Gateway, where it had been accommodated instead of its usual berthing at PSA Fairview Cove.

The southend terminal remained busy however with Oceanex Sanderling alongside and with the arrival of MSC Nadriely on MSC's Canada Express 1 service from Montreal for the Mediterranean.

 The ship was built in 1998 by Kvaerner Warnow Werft in Warnemunde and is a 26,029 gt, 33,977 dwt vessel with a capacity of 2468 TEU including 320 reefers. It also carries three 45 tonne SWL cranes.
Laid down as Alicia and delivered as Charlotta it has since carried ten more names: 1998: CGM Gaugin; 2000: CMA CGM Gaugin; 2001: Lykes Traveller; 2001: Alianca Rotterdam; 2002: Columbus Chile; 2004: Alianca Hong Kong; 2006: CCNI Guayas; 2012: Helvetia; 2014: MSC Nadriely.

The ship arrived from Montreal to top up cargo to ocean draft, and interestingly also appears to have taken on bunkers. St.Lawrence draft restrictions are such that ships cannot load to maximum draft in Montreal, which restricts the amount of cargo (or fuel) that the ship can carry. The two fuel trucks that I saw were likely from Quebec (both GHL Transport and Contrans are part of TFI International, which has termainals all over North America, including Quebec) - certainly an unusual situation. It apparently made more sense to send several tonnes of fuel to Halifax by truck in order to maximize cargo out of Montreal.


Also arriving in the Ocean Terminals was the Nirint Shipping vessel Gotland with its usual consignment of nickel sulfides from Cuba.

Gotland is a general purpose / heavy lift ship, configured to carry containers, general and breakbulk. At 12,772 gt, 17,409 dwt the ship has a capacity of 834 TEU including 60 reefers. It also carries three cranes, two of 150 tonnes capacity (and combinable) and one of 80 tonnes capacity.
The ship was built in 2011 by the Xinshun Shipyard Group Co Ltd in Yueqing, China as Rickmers Tianjin, one of more than 100 ships in the venerable Rickmers fleet. Dating back to 1834 and the age of sail, the Hamburg based, family owned company failed rather spectacularly in 2017.  However this ship had been previously sold in 2015 to Gotland Schiffahrts GmbH and renamed Gotland.

After unloading in Halifax, the Gotland will sail for Barcelona and Rotterdam before beginning another cycle.

Autoport handled the familiar Siem Aristotle which sailed in the late afternoon, with the Morning Courier arriving shortly after. The latter ship will move to Pier 9C tomorrow to discharge RoRo cargo.

 PSA Fairview Cove was not idle either, with the weekly visitor Nohan Ava loading for Argentia and St-Pierre. Also arriving was the NYK Delphinus on THE Alliance's AL5 service.
The 55,487 grt, 65,950 dwt ship dates from 2007 when it was delivered by Hyundai, Ulsan. It has a capacity of 4922 TEU. 
Owners NYK Line are partners in ONE (Ocean Network Express) with MOL and K-Line, but have no plans to rename the ship or to re-paint it in ONE magenta.



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