Friday, March 31, 2023

Fairview Cove - new work

 A $15 million project at Fairview Cove is now underway. The work consists of a new truck gate and a container examination facility.

The 1.03 hectare area will accommodate four "in" gates and two "out" gates, staging for trucks (sources say 140 trucks, but that seems like too many to me).

The examination facility will include a 2700 square meter building with eleven truck bays. It will house the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) inspection facility, and King's warehouse (for detained goods). CBSA also handles Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspections of containers, primarily for invasive species, but also for prohibited goods. 

CBSA container inspection has been carried out in the Burnside Industrial Park in Dartmouth, and has meant that containers had to be  trucked from the two container terminals across the MacKay bridge to reach the facility. Despite the Port's press releases the new facility will not reduce truck traffc through downtown Halifax, since containers from the Southend container pier will have to be trucked to Fairview Cove.

The new project is located on part of the infill area just to the east of the existing PSA Fairview Cove container terminal. 

So far some foundations are visible, and a mysterious tower - about 30 feet high (so far) - which did not show on previous renderings of the project.


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