Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Quiet Day

 Today, March 28, will be a quiet day in the harbour. The only scheduled arrivals are the Atlantic Sail at 1500 hrs and the CSL Tacoma at 2300 hrs. Therefore I have looked backward a few hours to a departure from last evening.With Daylight Saving Time now in effect, and with the days growing longer, it is still light enough in the early evening for some photography.

Last evening's departure was the general cargo ship Fairwind Legion from Pier 9C. (The pilot was called for 1900 hrs ADT).

 Deckhands rig the pilot ladder as the ship clears Pier 9C.

The ship arrived in Halifax March 11 (see Shipfax of that date) and was fitted with fibreoptic cable storage racks (called tanks). With that work completed, the ship sailed for Portsmouth, NH to load the cable.

As a relatively small ship, it was able to turn directly off the pier without having to go to Bedford Basin to turn. It did use two tugs however: Atlantic Beaver and Atlantic Willow.


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