Tuesday, January 16, 2024

C.T.M.A. Vacancier - follow up

 My report from December 19, 2023 regarding the scrapping of the ferry C.T.MA. Vacancier can now be updated, but probably not for the last time. Soon after the scrapping announcement, it was revealed that the ship would be sailing to India "on its own bottom". As usual with ships sold for scrap, it was re-registered in a flag of convenience country - in this case St.Kitts and Nevis - a favourite amongst ship scrappers. Its name was also altered with a few swipes of the paint brush, becoming the Ancier. (The C.T.M.A. banner on the side may have been painted over previously).

On Friday morning, January 12, 2024 it departed its layup berth in Georgetown PE under its new name and flag, but only moved "around the corner" to Charlottetown where it arrived mid-afternoon.

 Ancier arriving in Charlottetown January 12, 2024.


On Saturday, January 13 it was reported to be re-fueling, and possibly taking on stores for the trip. On Sunday a sheen was reported on the water in the area. The sheen was confirmed to be a spill from the ship, but the circumstances have not been reported. A clean up operation got under way, a boom was rigged at the stern of the ship and other Coast Guard and commercial assets were deployed.

No departure date has been confirmed yet, as it may take some time to carry out an investigation. The ship may be detained officially.


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