Monday, January 1, 2024


New Year's Day is a holiday, and there is usually no work in the port and January 1, 2024 was no exception, with only two commercial vessels in  the harbour, and both idle.

At Pier 42 the Tropical Lissette was patiently waiting for the end of the holiday period to resume work.

 At Pier 9C it was the Nolhan Ava laying over for the holidays, before returning to its usual weekly trips to St-Pierre et Miqueon and Argentia. (December 30 photo)

Meanwhile offshore two ships could be seen at the anchorages with Devil's Island partially blocking the view.

The larger ship is the ONE Wren a 14,026 TEU container ship. It is expected to move in to PSA Halifax Atlantic Gateway tomorrow.

Astern of it is the Panamax bulker Athina III also due tomorrow at Pier 28 to take a top-up load of grain or soyabeans. The ship loaded in Quebec City, but due to draft restrictions on the St.Lawrence River it could not take a full cargo. (Some sources have identified the ship as the crude oil tanker Athina, but this was an error on someone's part.)

Otherwise the port was very quiet with ships settled in for the winter. Among them is the museum ship Acadia at an unusual berth. Due to planned construction activity at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic on the Halifax side of the harbour, the ship was moved to the forner Coast Guard base in Dartmouth. Now the home base for COVE - the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship - It is also the base for several active research ships.


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