Thursday, January 11, 2024

Kopit Hopson 1752 - follow up

 It appears that even after the Vessel Life Extension for the CCGS Kopit Hopson 1752 there is still work to do, and it may not be completed until March. The original VLE, which was awarded in 2020, was to have been completed (by my reckoning) during fiscal year 2022 and in fact the ship was handed back to the Canadian Coast Guard in December 2022 after sea trials. However as reported here there were more sea trials in April 2023. Its recent "cold" move by tugs was covered here December 28, 2023.

CCGS Kopit Hopson 1752 alongside BIO July 25, 2023.

CBC News reported today, January 11, that there have been delays in delivery of replacement through hull valves and welding repairs are underway to sea chest (s). Supply chain issues have plagued most industries in the past few years, and it should not come as surprise that specialty items have long delivery dates. Vessel Life Extension programs for ships as old as this one (it was built in 1981) are bound to turn up more issues than anticipated. 

All that aside the CBC quotes the CCG that the ship has been operational for 117 of 284 days since April 1, 2023 (this fiscal year). 


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