Thursday, October 29, 2009

Svitzer Bedford Fire

The Halifax based tug Svitzer Bedford was abandoned on fire off Quebec City on Wednesday October 28 at about 10 am local time. The tug had sailed from Quebec City for Becancour, towing the barge Transport 1 when the fire broke out. The master decided to abandon ship when the engine room fire could not be brought under control and requested that the Coast Guard vessel Cap Tourmente take the crew off.

The tug has been away from Halifax for several months towing supply barges from Quebec to Hudson's Bay. It was pressed into service when the tug Point Halifax was damaged in ice.

The tugs are owned and operated by Svitzer Canada Limited of Halifax (formerly Eastern Canada Towing Ltd)
Update 1: The fire was brought under control quickly by the Quebec Fire Department and was confined to the engine room. There was a lot of smoke, and the exent of damage is still to be determined.
Awaiting updates.

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