Monday, March 22, 2010


The Atlantic Pilotage Authority operates two pilot boats in Halifax. A.P.A No.1 is shown getting away from the dock at noontime today, with A.P.ANo.18 remaining alongside. Both boats were built of aluminum by the now defunct Breton Industrial & Marine of Point Tupper, NS. A.P.A. No.1 was built in 1976 and A.P.A.No.18 and a sister A.P.A.No.20 were built in 1974.
All are due for replacement, and the last news from APA was that design work was completed, and that tenders would be called for early in 2010.
The new boat will likely be bigger and more stable, and perhaps a bit faster than the stated top speed of 20knots for the current boats. They rarely do 20 knots however, since that is not an economical speed for them.

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