Monday, March 8, 2010

CSLer arrives

Oakglen arrived at nnon time and tied up at pier 9A. This ship is one of three foreign built ships that CSL acquired for eventual domestic operation. Along with sisters Richelieu and Saguenay these ships are currently registered in the Marshall Islands, but will be transferred to Canadian flag when certain contracts come up for CSL.
Due to a slump in the economy, CSL took over the ships earlier than expected, and after a period of idleness last year, they have been trading overseas. They will eventually be plced on the shuttle run between Havre-St-Pierre and Sorel-Tracy, QC for Quebec Fer et Titane, carrying iron and titanium ore.
There are now three CSL ships in port. Atlantic Huron, fitting out at pier 25-26 and Birchglen in drydock.
If Oakglen is headed to drydock after Birchglen sails, she will likely get a new paint job. Aside from her funnel, which is now in CSL colours, she is still wearing the hull and superstructure colours of Fedav, her previous charterers.

In the photo above, the tug Atlantic Larch is positioned forward, and Atlantic Spruce is steaming astern, to come alongside. She did this because Oakglen's stern is cut in and she could not safely get alongside that far aft. Another reason why ASD tugs are far superior. They can run astern and still have nearly full power.

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