Monday, June 9, 2014

Chipolbrok Galaxy

The explosive growth of ships with heavy lifting capacity went up a notch when the Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Co was formed to build and operate an entire fleet of this type. Now numbering 17 ships, Chipolbrok (Chinsko-Polskie Tovarzystwo Okistowe SA), based in Shanghai, but with offices in the US, now operates world wide with its handsome multi-purpose ships.

Chipolbrok Galaxy gets underway from anchorage after a brief visit in Halifax for Asian Gypsy Moth inspection.

The ship has the capability to carry 1904 containers (including 200 refrigerated) and bulk and general cargoes, in box shaped holds in the mid-body. It has moveable tween decks, but has a centreline bulkhead in holds holds 2 to 5.
Outbound for Baie-Comeau, the ship shows it two large offset cranes.

Built in 2010 by Dalian Shipyard the 24,142 grt, 30,330 dwt ships is about 5,000 tons larger than previous ships of the type. It thus can mount four cranes, each at a different height above deck. The foremost and aftermost cranes are rated at 50 tonnes, but the other two cranes, which are offset, are rated at 320 tonnes each. This exceptional capacity permits it to carry many types of project cargoes in the hold or on deck.It flies the Hong Kong Chinese flag.

The ship's bow displays Chinese characters which I assume represent its name.


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