Wednesday, June 11, 2014

John 1 now Canadian

A Panamanian flag bulk carrier that was aground near Rose Blanche, NL in March has now hoisted the Canadian flag.

Halifax Shipping News provided excellent coverage of that incident, see:

It was later revealed that the ship also tore up a section of underwater cable, that required a costly repair.

Now an anonymous company, 8393087 Canada Inc* of Matane, QC has acquired the ship and registered it today in Quebec City as John T (another economical renaming-with the stroke of a paint brush).

Built in 1991, by Hyundai, Ulsan, the ship has carried the names Sarych to 1993, Sarrah to 1994, Sarych to 1994 and John F to 2012. A basic four crane bulker, it would seem to have limited commercial value under the Canadian flag, unless it is to be used for summertime northern supply work or some other specialized activity.

* Incorporated December 27, 2012, the company shares an address with Méridien Maritime, a well known boat builder and operator. They are also the proponents behind a new drydock at Cacouna, QC. See:

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