Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ted and Bill - back home after their excellent adventure

The Canadian Coast Guard ships Edward Cornwallis and Sir William Alexander are tied up at the DFO pier at the Bedford Institute for the first time in a month.
Both vessels, classed as light icebreakers, were sent out far afield from Halifax this winter and spring, to provide icebreaking services in Newfoundland, and only appeared in their home port a month ago for crew change.

Sir William Alexander with the newly commissioned Corporal McLaren M.M.V.
Sir William Alexander left her home baser in January and aside from the May 14 crew change, was working in Newfoundland, PEI and the Gulf of St.Lawrence.

Edward Cornwallis and G.Peddle SC.

Edward Cornwallis was last in Halifax May 13 for crew change and returned immediately to Newfoundland, only sailing for home June 7. Newfoundland-based Cape Roger was in Nova Scotia waters covering her for Search + Rescue and patrol until this week.



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