Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Talia from Autoport

Even at this time of year autocarriers arrive too early in the morning for good photos from my normal vantage points. So it was with Wallenius Wilhelmsen's Talia, which took its pilot at 05:30 this morning. It finished its work at Autoport about 11:30 and was thus outbound at 12:20- with a high overhead sun. Still less than ideal, but a photo must be taken!
Talia outbound for Davisville, RI. It arrived earlier from Emden.

 Talia has a capacity of 6500 autos, and has four hoistable car decks, allowing it to carry trucks and other high vehicles.It is on long term charter to Wallenius Wilhelmsen by Ray Car Carriers, of Douglas Isle of Man, and is operated by Stamco Ship Management of Piraeus, Greece. With all that said, it flies the Bahamas flag.
It was built in 2006 in Gdynia, Poland and measures 57,692 gross tons.


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