Tuesday, October 18, 2022

MSC Double Header

 I suppose it had to happen that there would be two Mediterranean Shipping Co ships at PSA Halifax Atlantic Hub at the same time. That occurred today October 18 as MSC Nerissa arrived this morning, joining MSC Pilar which arrived late last night.

 MSC Pilar is the 52,181 gt, 60,350 dwt former Magleby Maersk to 2011, built in 1990 by Odense Steel Shipyard. It carried the name Magleby for a time in 2010, and was a one time caller in Halifax on Maersk service. Its (now) relatively small size and capacity of 4437 TEU, including 500 reefers, makes it uneconomic on some routes. But that suits it to St.Lawrence River service on MSC's Canada Express 2 from Italy, Spain, and the Sines, Portugal hub. It is  now on the eastbound leg returning from Montreal and is in port to top up to ocean going draft.

MSC Nerissa is a similar size ship of 54,881 gt, 68,178 dwt, 5060 TEU (including 400 reefers) and sails on MSC's Turkey and Greece service to the US east coast via Mediterranean ports, and it appears to be well loaded.


MSC Nerissa was built in 2004 by Hanjin Heavy Industry + Construction Co Ltd in Busan, and has always carried the same name.


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