Monday, October 3, 2022

Still at full steam and "Why This"

PSA Halifax's Atlantic Gateway is still processing a quite steady stream of ships. They continue to arrive, some from offshore anchorage where they have been waiting their turn.

Today's arrivals (October 3) started (in the dark) with Tropic Lissette for Tropical Shipping. The next arrivals were in full daylight this afternoon. 

Lagarfoss is westbound from Reykjavik and is en route to Portland , ME.

 The Lagarfoss has been a regular since 2014 when it was built by Rongcheng Shenfei Shipbuilding Co Ltd in Rongcheng, China. Measuring 10,119 gt, 11,811 dwt it has a capacity for 880 TEU (875 according to Eimskip) and carries a pair of 45 tonne SWL cranes. It likely has a good many reefer  plugs, but I can't find a reference to the number.

Also arriving this afternoon was MSC Aniello en route from Italy, via Sines, Portugal for Montreal for MSC's Canada Express 1.

 A 40,631 gt, 56,903 dwt ship with a capacity of 4056 TEU, including 150 reefers, it was built in 2000 by Hanjin Heavy Industry + Construction Co Ltd, Busan. On arrival it took the centre berth at Pier C, between Tropic Lissette at Pier 41 and Lagarfoss at Pier 42.

The brand new cruise ship Norwegian Prima arrived in Halifax for the first time this morning. I was mystified as to why it was assigned to Pier 31 when there were no ships scheduled for the usual berths at Piers 20, 21 and 22.

The ship was delivered by Fincantieri Marghera on July 29 of this year and entered service in August - the first of a projected six ships in the Prima class. At 143,535 gt it is a huge ship with a capacity of 3,215 passengers (lower berths).
Once alongside it was apparent why the ship went to Pier 31. It has what appear to be pairs of spiral waterslides projecting out from the ship's sides. These overhang the dock to such an extent that they would interfere with the port's gangway structures, and the buildings at Piers 20 to 22. To eliminate any such risk, the ship docked at the open pier - which is hardly welcoming to cruise ship passengers. (Due to port industrial activity there, pedestrain access is not permitted - passengers are bused to the Pier 22 terminal.)

Of course I consider these apppendages to be ridiculous, but the Norwegian Cruise Line (incorporated in Bermuda and headquartered in Miami) apparently knows what sells, and (quite obviously) are not concerned about traditional ship's lines. The ship is due again on October 8.

Another arrival this afternoon was Atlantic Sky from Antwerp for Atlantic Container Line, docking at PSA Fairview Cove.

As mentioned in a previous post, dockworkers in Liverpool, UK initiated job action eleven days ago, but have now returned to work and entered negotiations with the employer. They may walk out again October 11 to 17 if there is no agreement on demands. Atlantic Sky last called in Liverpool September 16-18, but has skipped the port westbound, calling instead at Antwerp (eastbound September 20-21), Hamburg (September 22-23) and Antwerp (westbound, September 24-26).


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