Saturday, November 11, 2023

Business As Usual

 Most stores and many businesses were closed for November 11, Remembrance Day, but the port remained in operation with activity at several locations.

At the South End Container Terminal (PSA Atlantic Hub) ships worked at Pier 41-42, leaving the northern portion of Pier 41 for work on the new container cranes.

 Both new Post Panamax cranes have been off loaded now, and are in position at the extreme north end of Pier 41 (left inphoto above). The crane ship Zhen Hua 23 moved out to anchor briefly. As it did so the Volga Maersk arriving from Montreal, slid in to Pier 42.

The Zhen Hua 23 is still carrying the two green cranes destined for PSA Sines, Portugal, and made an unusual backdrop to the Volga Maersk after it tied up. (The two oldest and smallest cranes, at the extreme south of Pier 42, worked the ship.)


 The Zhen Hua 23 moved back along side Pier 41-42 (mid-berth) because it has one more chore to do before leaving Halifax. It will load the older and highest of the existing cranes and roll it off alongside the new cranes.

Autoport had the Morning Lady unloading autos from Europe. It had previously been at Pier 9C last evening delivering the usual array of machinery.

The 70,853 gt, 27,343 dwt ship was built by Hyundai, Ulsan in 2010 and has a capacity of 8100 cars. This is achieved within an overall length of 232.38 m (762.40 ft) and a width of 32.26 m (105.8399 ft). The ship is owned by Eukor Car Carriers Inc of South Korea and operates under the management of Wilhelmsen Ship Management Korea Ltd.

The "mystery" ship Jessica B sailed late this afternoon, with its deck load of TCCL* containers. (see yesterday's post.)

The ship is giving Argentia, NL as destination.

 Interestingly the ship's funnel mark is for Intersac, a Canadian chemical manufacturing and distribution company, based in suburban Montreal. 

*Among the things than TCCL might stand for I have eliminated Traumatic Cranio-Cerebral Lesions and the Tulsa City-County Library and have pretty much settled on Travencore Cochin Chemicals Ltd in view of the connection with Intersac. Among the industries Intersac serves is mining.


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