Monday, November 6, 2023

Other Port Activity

 The arrival of two Super Postpanamax cranes [see previous post] was not the only large scale activity in the Port of Halifax today, November 6. Across the harbour at the IEL wharf in Woodside the heavy lift crane ship Orion was completing another load out of offshore wind towers.

The Orion returned to Halifax yesterday from the Vineyard wind project off Massachusetts where it had been installing the previous load of monopiles and transition pieces.

 Orion arriving as seen from the Halifax Central Library.

Two heavy lift ships, GPO Grace and GPO Sapphire have been waiting offshore and in Halifax to transfer tower sections to the Orion.

GPO Grace at anchor,
(See HMCS Oriole in right background.)

The Orion uses its 5,000 tonne SWL crane to transfer the sections from GPO Sapphire.

GPO Grace after unloading, returned to anchor.

Once loading is completed this evening, Orion will be sailing to the Vineyard site and GPO Grace will move back alongside the IEL dock for bunkers.

GPO Sapphire (October 26 photo) will also be sailing this evening. It has been in Halifax since October 21.It had previously transferred some of its cargo to the Orion.


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