Monday, November 6, 2023

New Cranes

 Two new Super Post Panamax cranes arrived in Halifax at the PSA Atlantic Hub terminal today (November 6) aboard the specially equipped ship Zhen Hua 23. The ship made an impressive sight as it made its way inbound from sea.

 Built in 1986 by the Shin Kasado Dockyard Co Ltd in Kudamatsu, Japan as the crude oil tanker Rich Duchess, it was rendered obsolete when double hull regulations came into effect. Its hull and machinery were still sound however and it was rebuilt as a heavy load carrier in 2007. The work altered the ship's tonnages from 50,285 gt, 79,999 dwt to 37,879 gt, 48,412 dwt.



Zhen Hua Shipping Company, the transportation arm of the Zhen Hua Port Machinery Corp, builders of the cranes operates the ship. It has been equipped with a ballasting system that allows it to adjust its deck level with docks so that the fully assembled cranes can be rolled on and rolled off.

The Zhen Hua 23 sailed from Yangshan Port, south of Shanghai September 12 (some say September 13), and due to its great height it could not transit either the Suez or Panama canals, so took the "long way round" via the Cape of Good Hope. It was reported passing Port Louis, Mauritius October 3, but sailed non-stop for Halifax.



The Zhen Hua 23 slid in to dock at Pier 41, where the two (red and white) cranes will be offloaded. After a short commissioning  and independant certification process, they will  be ready to run. The ship will not remain in port for long. It is also carrying two cranes for PSA Sines in Portugal (green coloured.). That port is becoming a major transshipment hub with several lines calling there en route to Halifax.



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