Thursday, November 23, 2023

Load and Go

 Another load of wind turbine towers was due to leave Halifax this evening (November 23) on the crane ship Orion. The latest batch only arrived yesterday November 22 on the GPO Emerald, so that is very fast work.


The Orion returned to Halifax November 16 from the Vineyard Wind project in Massachussets after installing the previous batch of towers. It tied up at the Woodside Industries pier (also known as the IEL or Industrial Estates Ltd pier, or if you are real old-timer, the Sugar Dock) in Dartmouth and raised its 5,000 tonne capacity crane for some preparatory work.

GPO Emerald departed Rostock, Germany on November 7 with its latest cargo of six towers (in sections), and it arrived yesterday in breezy conditions, with heavy rain in the forecast.

Despite the wind and rain and some legendary fog this morning, conditions cleared gradually during the day, as the transhipment continued.

Temperatures also dropped during the day from above 10C (50F) in the morning to nearer 5C (41F) in the afternoon, but that is still far from winter conditions, and did not hinder the operations.

GPO fleetmate GPO Sapphire sailed from Rostock November 19 with another consignment and GPO Grace arived in Rostock November 20 to take on more towers. GPO Emerald is due to sail tomorrow.


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