Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Asian Captain and Weather

 The EUKOR car carrier Asian Captain has been in Halifax twice by my count, and both times the weather has been less than ideal to say the least.

The last time it was here,  November 22, 2022 , there was a big blow that caused the ship to return to sea when it was too windy to approach Autoport or to anchor in the harbour.

Yesterday, February 5, 2023, the ship returned to Halifax and tied up at Pier 9C there was about 30 cm (one foot) of fresh snow on the ground, but port workers had the Pier cleared in time for the ship to offload machinery.

Last evening the ship moved to Autoport and off loaded cars. That facility also had a mounumental job to remove snow without damaging the thousands of cars in storage there. Workers were able to clear off enough space for the latest deliveries, and the ship sailed early this afternoon, February 6, in a stiff breeze with a light combination of mist and snow in the air.

Built in 1998  by Hyundai Ulsan the Asian Captain was originally a 55,729 gt, 21,466 dwt vessel, but in 2007 it was lengthened from 228.78 to 248m overall length, thus increasing its tonnages to 71,383 gt, 25,765 dwt. Its original capacity of 6,246 CEU was thus increased to 6,460 CEU.

The container piers also had a massive job to clear their facilities but they are equipped and prepared to do this and there were few delays. Some ships remained offshore during the storm, as much due to the winds. The ability of longshore workers to reach the piers may also have been an issue as many roads were impassible for a day or so. 

What may be another weather related visit is the container ship MSC Malena which tied up at Pier 31 on Friday, Febraury 2. The ship sails on MSC's Canada Gulf Bridge service and normally would be en route from New York to Montreal with subsequent calls in CornerBrook and Saint John en route to Freeport, Altamira and Progreso. It sailed from New York January 31, but there is no posted ETA for Montreal. Schedules show it due in Corner Brook February 14 and Saint John, February 17.

Pier 31 is not a working berth for container ships, so it is possible the ship is in for repairs.

Built in 2000 by Samsung Heavy Industries in Geoje, it was launched as Santa Adriana and delivered as P+O Nedlloyd Algoa. It was immediateley renamed MOL Parana until 2002 when it reverted to P+O Nedlloyd Algoa. In 2005 it became Santa Adriana again for five years until it became EM Athens in 2010. Keeping that name for ten years it was renamed MSC Malena in 2020.

The 25,294 gt, 32,350 dwt ship has a capacity of 2506 TEU including 420 reefers, and carries four crane, three of 45 tonnes SWL and one of 35 tonnes SWL. 


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