Friday, February 23, 2024

NYK Romulus - update, MSC Cordelia - eastbound

 Update #1 NYK Romulus

In my previous reports on the NYK Romulus I stated that it had been in port since February 13 and was prevented from leaving by some unknown problem. It shifted to Pier 31 on February 17 for repairs.

What I did not know (but could have discovered by closer attention to photos) was that the ship's main mast and one of its radar towers had been knocked down and damaged by a container crane at PSA Fairview Cove. The mast carries the ship's navigation lights which, along with the radar, are necesssary for safe navigation. There was also some damage to the small starboard side signal flag gantry. The ship has therefore been confined to port until repairs are made.

Damage to the equipment atop the wheelhouse can be seen on close inspection.

This is what it should look like. There is a gray "goal post" type structure of  three posts, with a platform on top carrying a central mast with lights and aerials, two small towers with radar scanners (one to each side - one higher than the other) and two small gantry type signal (flag) masts - one each side.


After moving to Pier 31, workers removed the mast and radar tower and signal flag gantry.

Scaffolding has been installed to assist in access for re-installation.

The repaired radar tower was lowered into place by shore crane today.

As of today (February 23) workers re-installed the repaired radar tower. The mast and signal gantry are yet to come, and reconnection of all the electricals and electronics are to follow.

It therefore seems that it will be some time before the ship can sail again. In the meantime its cargo is stalled on board.

MSC Cordelia

The container ship MSC Cornelia made a routine stop at PSA Atlantic Hub today, February 23, on the eastbound leg of its CANEX2 service. Ships on this service often call in Halifax to reduce draft (westbound) or to maximize draft (eastbound) due to St.Lawrence River restrictions.

However this ship did not stop in Halifax westbound. Its last European port was Valencia February 6 and it sailed directly to Montreal arriving there February 18 and sailing again February 20.

By the look of it, the ship did not increase draft very much on this visit to Halifax, and in fact appeared lightly loaded. It was carrying no boxes on its after deck at all (these slots are usually for empties.) Its destination is given as Sines, Portugal, due March 3.

The MSC Cornelia was built as RHL Fiducia by Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing in 2010. It became Cornelia I in 2016 and MSC Cornelia in 2021. The 54,182 gt, 63,069 dwt ship has a capacity of 5089 TEU.  

When it called in Halifax last year in March and July, it was on the Turkey-Greece service. It is due back in Halifax March 25, again eastbound on the CANEX2.


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