Monday, February 26, 2024

ONE plus Onego equals zero

 Two ships with the letters O, N and E starting their names were the only scheduled arrivals in Halifax today, February 26. There is no connection between the two except for pure coincidence, and there is no numerical significance to their names, so adding them together does not result in a sum. 

Number One arrival was the multi-purpose cargo carrier Onego Deusto - a ship with an interesting history as well as an interesting name. As on its several previous visits it is carrying a cargo of rail from Szczecin, Poland for the Canadian National Railway Company. [An aglomeration agglomeration of failing railroads established by the Canadian government in 1919, Canadian National Railways as it was then called - aka the CNR - was a crown corporation until 1995. Now publicly traded, and considered a "blue ship chip" investment, it is nevertheless controlled by none other than Bill Gates with a 14.2% stake. Known as CN Rail (thanks in part to its distinctive "noodle" logo) it is now national and international in scope with several tentacles stretching into the United States. It is also multi-modal with ships, trucks and forwarding operations, symbiotic to the railroad.]

The Onego Deusto came ghosting in this morning on a flat calm sea and cloudless sky to offload at Pier 27 where the rail is stockpiled until needed by CN. It is then sent in batches to CN's rail welding plant in Winnipeg (Transcona), MB.

The ship was built by Vahali Shipyard's Belgrade yard in 2008 for the now defunct Beluga Shipping. The 6312 gt, 9832 dwt ship is of the open hatch (hatch is full width of hold) moveable tweendeck, box shaped holds, multi-purpose type, equipped with two 40 tonne SWL cranes. 

It was rigged for sail assist and named Beluga Skysails. When Beluga failed, the ship became BBC Skysails in 2011, then Onego Deusto in 2019. It still carries the davit-like jib boom on the bow, so may be able to rig a sail, but nothing in company literature suggests that it still does. 

As it appeared on arrival March 10, 2023.

Onego Shipping and Chatering B.V. is a Dutch company, based in Rhoon, near Rotterdam. Established in 2001 the company specializes in cross-Atlantic bulk cargoes and has built up a fleet of 28 ships. 

I have no idea where "Onego" comes from (there is a lake in Russia with that name, and oddly the word means "pool" in the Seneca tongue.) It also seems that it is to be pronounced "Ah-nee-go". Even so the Seneca word is pronounced "1-go" (one as in number 1), and a town in West Virginia carries that name and is pronounced that way.

Deusto (nothing to do with the number "two" [deux] ) is the name of an area in the city of Bilbao, Spain. That word appears to have come from the Basque language word Deusta.

Second arrival is the Ultra size container carrier ONE Ibis. In this case ONE represents a portmanteau for Ocean Network Express, the joint venture of Japanese container shipping companies, Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd (K-Line), Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK-Line) and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL). By operating "as one" the three companies hoped to compete better with the giant MSC and Maersk. Even so ONE is now ranked as sixth largest with just 2 million TEU capacity versus 4 to 5 milllion for the giants. CMA CGM, COSCO and Hapag-Lloyd are also larger than ONE. The various shipping alliances are also in flux, which complicates matters.

Built in 2016 by Japan Marine United in Kure as NYK Ibis, it is a 144,285 gt, 139,335 dwt ship with a capacity of 14,026 TEU. It was renamed ONE Ibis (and repainted) in 2019. 

As with yesterday's long haul caller for Ocean Alliance, the CMA CGM Mexico, this ship, sailing for THE Alliance's EC5 service made its last Asian call in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sailing from there on January 22 it then took the Cape of Good Hope route to avoid the Red Sea and was reported passing Cape Town February 3. It proceeded directly to Halifax.


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