Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Protected tanker

 Something I have not seen before on a tanker is a hard shell "turtle back" over the foredeck. Today, February 13, the tanker CB Pacific  arrived from New York for Irving Oil, and the structure is hard to miss as it is painted white.

Often seen on container ships the shell protects the foreward deck of the ship from taking damage in high seas. It also shields deck equipment and machinery from ice build up in winter.

The CB Pacific is the final of four sister ships built by Jiangsu New Hantong shipbuilding in Yangzhong, China, and was delivered in 2020. The 27,250 gt, 37,787 dwt ship is equipped to handle crude oil, clean petroluem products or chemicals in twelve phenolic epoxy coated tanks (plus two slops tanks). The ship is also built to DNV Baltic Ice Class 1B and is fitted with a hybrid exhaust gas scrubber which can be run at zero emissions. 

The CB in the name stands for Carl Büttner GmbH + Co KG of Bremen, initial owners and which since October 2022 is part of the Greek shipowner Lomar. Lomar in turn is part of the worldwide Libra Group of aviation, energy, real estate, hospitality and shipping / shipbuilding companies.



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