Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lynx or Racoon?

The smallest general cargo ship to visit Halifax in some time is the Danish registered LYNX, measuring only 1395 gross tons.

More common in Norwegian ships, but also seen on some Canadian ships and others is the black paint around the wheelhouse windows, giving it the racoon look. This treatment is said to cut down on glare, particularly when navigating in ice. Confirming that this ship may do some work in northern waters is the full width bridge. The enclosed bridge wings allow the watch to keep an eye on things without resorting to frigid trips outdoors.

We may see more smaller ships with breakbulk cargo if Halifax suceeds in attracting this type of business. With container tonnages down dramatically, the port is seeking new business wherever it can be found.

LYNX is scheduled to sail at 2200 hrs this evening.

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